Mission for Vision was established in 2003 by Ian Squire, a dispensing optician based in Shepperton, Middlexwww.isoptician.co.uk Once a year  teams are assembled combining opticians and volunteers to carry out comprehensive eye care programs in the remote regions of the developing world, predominantly in Africa.

 What we do

  • Sight testing
  • Dispensing glasses for distance and near vision 
  • Providing protective sunglasses
  • Administering medication
  • Organising and funding cataract operations
  • Funding other local projects which benefit the community 
The Vision
As a christian charity we partner with missionaries and churches in the areas we visit. They provide all the logistical support we need to ensure our missions are a great success. The clinical work is combined with Christian ministry with a view to providing vision both physical and spiritual. 




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